Service Rates

Water & Sewer Rates


 Base Rate 


 $        55.50

0 – 2,000 gal

2,000 + gal, $18.00 per 1,000 gal


 $        61.00

Flat Rate (not metered)

Bulk Water

 $        25.00

per 1,000 gal, $25 minimum charge, per load

The District is considered a special water district through Ohio law (ORC 6119). We do not receive any tax money. All revenue is reinvested into the District.

The water and sewer bill you pay is an investment in our water future, to ensure we provide you with high-quality water service. Our rates are based on the cost to purchase water and deliver water and sewer services to you ,as well as administrative costs. We do not make a profit; we reinvest the money we get from your water bill to maintain and upgrade the pipes, pump stations, and other infrastructure that allows us to deliver safe, reliable water and remove wastewater.

The District’s rate structure is made up of a fixed charge plus a volumetric water usage rate based upon how much water you use, over 2,000 gallons. The fixed charge covers the cost of billing, meter reading, administration, and infrastructure repairs and upgrades. The District’s Board of Trustees votes on rate adjustments periodically.